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Congratulations! Did You Win?

Posted on January 11, 2012

Hey guys,

Just a real quick post here to announce the winner of my blog post highlights from 2011.
First, I would like to thank everybody who took the time to read and reply to my highlights of 2011 blog post, it was nice to get to know you a little better and also help out wherever possible

As promised, I made the draw live on video, you can checkout and see if you won here:

Congratulations! Did You Win?

BIG congratulations to the winner, as soon as you send me your Paypal email I'll send you the cash!
Thanks again to everybody, I'll try my very best to keep helping out in 2012.
Have a great 2012 everybody!



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Highlights of 2011 and $100 Gift for YOU!

Posted on December 31, 2011

Hey guys,

2011 HighlightsOK, so another year has almost passed us by again, doesn't time fly when you're having fun! :-)
I'm going to go over some of the things that I have been up to this year, as posting regular updates wasn't one of them! :-)
As last years little competition was such a success, I'm going to do the same again this year and hopefully give some lucky reader $100 cash!
It's real simple, all you have to do is to reply to this post with YOUR personal highlight of the year, I'll then put all the names into a hat and randomly choose the lucky $100 winner!

So here's MY personal highlights of 2011:

January 2011 - The first thing I did in January was to launch the new look for my Planet Divinity website, it's kind of a central hub for me and home to some great turnkey websites.
I then told you about Matt Garrett's Instant Article Videos, and how simple it was to turn all your articles into videos, the feedback I received on this was great!
Later that month was the launch of Michael Cheney's My Millionaire Mentor, where myself and John Thornhill teamed up to put an awesome bonus package together with the hope of providing you all with some great content and also win his affiliate contest at the same time, we did win it thanks to all of you and we gave over $2,000 to charity too.

February 2011 - In February I re-launched Multi Profit Monthly with John Thornhill, a 12 month course where we show people how to duplicate our success, using all the methods that we have used to succeed online.
Then John Thornhill launched his excellent One Month Mentor program, which is 31 days of TOP QUALITY training, aimed to get you started FAST!

March 2011 - The first thing to come in March was a superb free eBook from my good friend Daniel Sumner, that shows you exactly how to create and more importantly market an eBook, it was called The eBook Cycle.
Later that month myself and John offered you $8,174+ worth of just about all of our best selling products for what can only be described as a truly INSANE price, it was 72 Hours of Complete Madness!

April 2011 - In April my good friends Tony Shepherd and Tony Newton launched a cracking 4 week training course that basically shows you how to create and Flip WordPress Blogs! Awesome stuff!
later that month Myself and John Thornhill launched a fantastic piece of software that creates Facebook like pages in under a minute, it was called Like Page Builder, and the best part was we gave you it for FREE!

May 2011 - In May I had been working behind the scenes with Omar Martin to create a FREE source for you to find out all about the people and products online, it was called IM Trustworthy, and it's now very widely used and respected.
May was also the time that my good friend Stevie at GFX-1 created a brand new collection of Over 1,500, High Quality, Professional Website Graphics, excellent for 'instant' web pages that look amazing!
Later this month my good friend Lee McIntyre released a controversial free video where he revealed the 3 weird little strategies that he used to build a SEVEN FIGURE online business in record time, it was called Instant Internet Lifestyle and it really was lifestyle changing stuff!
Later that month my good friend Socrates Socratous launched a 'killer' product, it was called Killer Content and it was that good that I offered a BONUS of over $1,594.00 just for anyone who purchased through my link! Cracking stuff!

June 2011 - June was when I launched Affiliate Ad Rotator, this was a product I teamed up with John Thornhill on, basically, it displays and rotates ClickBank IMAGE banner ads. We all know how well images work instead of just plain text, well, this gives you the perfect ads for your websites or blogs, we even have an option for users to add their own ads to our database, giving excellent exposure!
Around mid June, John Thornhill and Keith Purkiss launched Push Button Giveaway, a great product that basically makes using giveaway events 'push button' :-)
Soon after that I launched PLR Monthly 2.0, myself and Daniel Sumner made this to be what we think is the greatest PLR resource site in the world... Bar none! We added a shed load of content to our already great content, far too much to list here! Around the end of June my good friend John Thornhill launched a 'Warrior Special Offer' for only $12, it was called Affiliate Promo Formula, giving you a blueprint of how to make BIG bucks with affiliate promotions.

July 2011 - This was when John Thornhill launched his $497 Coaching Program for only $19, no catches or anything, just a single $19 payment for his cracking coaching program.
Around mid July was when my good friend Omar Martin launched his excellent 'My Unfair Advantage' which was basically some TOP quality software, training and support from REAL experts. This was so good that I also offered a $497 BONUS just for anyone who purchased through my link!
Near the end of July I teamed up with John Thornhill to launch '72 Hours of Complete Madness', we really went to town with this one, giving you 3 days to grab an AWESOME package of products, if you missed this then you should kick yourself! :-)

August 2011 - The start of August was when me and John launched Multi Profit Monthly in a $5 Warrior Special Offer, this was an amazing success and if you took advantage of it then you got a superb deal for only $5!
Later that month we launched the Simple Success System series, the first one shows you via FREE webinar, how we generated over 8 million from multiple income streams! Soon after that John launched another, called 3 Steps to Success.

September 2011 - At the start of September my good friend Jim Cockrum launched a cracking course called quite simply The Proven Amazon Course, with Amazon getting even bigger and Jim's extensive knowledge and experience, it's no surprise that this was an amazing success for him!$
Around the middle of September John launched another great WSO, this one was called Profit from PLR, you basically got a great $97 product for only $5! Soon after that my good friend Alex Jeffreys launched an awesome FREE report showing you how he generated 1 MILLION in just 21 days, and how you can do the same too, it really was good stuff!
Around the end of September Jim Cockrum launched a great bok that was basically the result of a decade worth of ideas that Jim has collected and found REALLY work, it was called Free Marketing, and it really was an excellent read, Jim also gave the proceeds to charity...What a guy!

October 2011 - The first thing that highlighted October for me was an excellent bit of software from Robert Black, this usually sold for $77, but as a WSO you got it for just $5 ($10 now), I thought this was great!
Around the middle of October I launched an AWESOME WSO with John Thornhill, we offered you one of our best selling $197 products for just $5, it was Multi Profit Websites.
At the end of October John launched his excellent WSO Domination, this gave you a step by step blueprint to creating a WSO and making money from it. As with any great product I also offered a BONUS again too!

November 2011 - This was when we launched ClickBank Affiliate Master in a WSO special for only $5! It's an excellent piece of software that allows you to create multiple 'custom' ClickBank affiliate links and pages, we use this software on just about all our products, and it helps pull in thousands, if not TENS of THOUSANDS worth of ADDITIONAL sales.
Around the middle of November was when my good friend Stevie B launched a cracking Video Template Pack in a WSO, you guys loved this!

December 2011 - Well I'm sure you can remember this, but I teamed up with John to give you guys yet another AWESOME BONUS, this time it was for PLR Jackpot, an awesome PLR package. Oh, it's available again for a limited time if you missed out!
Around the middle of December myself and John launched our hugely successful WSO Success program, this sold out right away, but you can still get on the waiting list for next time.
Soon after that my good friend Stevie B launched another 'PREMIUM' Video Template Pack via WSO, another great essential!
I'm sure you saw our Festive Blowout just after Christmas, this really was an AWESOME package of some seriously high quality products from us, I hope you managed to grab it before it was gone, if you missed it then you missed a treat! :-)

OK, so that's basically my highlights of 2011, I also did a lot of 'behind the scenes' stuff, which I'll tell you about some other time!

Sorry if this post went on a little longer than expected, but there was a lot to fit in!

Remember, if you hit reply and let me know your marketing highlight of 2011, I'll put your name in a draw for $100 cash!
I'll make the draw in a week or two and send the cash instantly! You must be able to receive the cash via Paypal, if you cannot and you still wish to enter, I will donate the cash to a deserving charity in your name.

Please make sure you use your best email address when you reply, as I will need to contact you on it if you win!

Good luck for the $100 cash draw and I hope you have a great 2012.

Happy New Year!


P.S. Oh, don't forget to 're-tweet' and 'like' below please :-)

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Utilize and BENEFIT From Lost Traffic

Posted on November 25, 2011

Hey guys,

I'm always being asked for additional ways to generate traffic, so I thought I'd create a short video showing a different way that you can Utilize and Benefit from what I call "Lost Traffic". I'm sure you've actually been one of those 'lost visitors' yourself, I know I have many, many times!

In the video, I'll show you exactly how YOU can Utilize and Benefit from this really simple technique. You can also implement it multiple times, for greater success.

I'll also provide you with all the 'easy edit' pages that you need to implement this.

Checkout the video here:

Utilize and BENEFIT From Lost Traffic

You can download the package I talk about in the video HERE, no optin or anything required, just a zip file download.

I know a lot of people charge for this kind of content, so they may not like this, but I always try to help out as much as I can, so I'm GIVING you everything totally FREE as a subscriber of mine.

If you like the video and the package then please leave a comment.

Also, if you need even MORE traffic, then checkout the BRAND NEW Automatic Auction Traffic, it REALLY will help you to maximize your eBay store and drive AUTOMATIC traffic to your cash generating offers.

Please don't forget to share and comment, even if you just want to say hi! :-)


[EDIT] Oh, I have had a few people asking if they can use this video on their blogs, so here is the youtube version - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa44wvoLubk
All I ask is that you link back to my blog to download the package! :-)

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Secure Your Business with a Simple Success System

Posted on September 19, 2011

Multiple Streams of IncomeHey guys,

Firstly let me apologize for my lack of posts lately, if you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook then you'll know I've been really busy, buy hey, that's no excuse, so I'm going to try to rectify this with some quality posts that will REALLY help you out over the next few weeks!

Now let's get down to business... So just how safe is YOUR business?

Well, I'm sure nobody can say anything is 100% safe in this day and age, but there are certain things we can do to make things a little safer!

The most important bit of advice I can possibly give to anyone is 'don't rely on ONE SINGLE INCOME STREAM'

For example, what would happen if that income stream all of a sudden stopped? You would be left high and dry, that's what!

Don't think it can't happen to you , as it has happened to MANY people in this business, remember the eBay digital delivery ban for example, this put literally 1000’s of digital product sellers out of business within a matter of days!

I know it's easy to get a little complacent when you have found a way to generate an income online, you may just think you can rely on that income forever, but nothing is forever and you would be naive to think that you are safe in this day and age.

I'm not saying you should start to panic or worry about your current business, far from it, I never think you should worry, it will only make things worse. What I am saying is that you should do something about it SOONER rather than LATER!

I have created a short video that will explain a little more, please watch the video and let me know your opinion on this.

Even if you don't have an opinion on this, at least say hi... It's been a while! :-)
Here's the link mentioned in the video to the FREE webinar with me and John.

Don't forget to send a short comment and let me know what you think.
Also, hit the 'Like' button below and the 'Retweet' button above too please :-)

Talk soon,


P.S. Oh, I placed the video on YouTube, so you can feel free to use it on your own blogs or whatever if you like.
P.P.S Don;t forget to checkout our FREE webinar here:

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How to Add a Custom Optin Popup on Your Website or Blog

Posted on March 2, 2011

Hey guys,

I have had quite a few people ask me how to add a custom optin popup on a website or blog and have it effectively work, so I have created a short video with some additional screenshots that shows exactly how you can do this.

I'm sure we all know the importance of building a list, but just in case you don't, take it from me, it's VERY important! It's also important to utilize every bit of traffic you receive to your website/blog, so if you have an optin form that is not grabbing subscribers attention, then that's nearly as bad as not having one at all.

It really is very simple if you take my advice and use the Aweber method, also, once you have done it once you can use that template for other lists so it's even easier.

I also managed to get a great deal for my subscribers only on a Super High Quality Image to attract those all important subscribers.

The reason I used a very large high quality image was quite simply to attract more subscribers, plus it is a lot harder to miss :-)

Go and take a look at the video and see just how simple it is, please reply to the post if you found it useful.



How to Add an Optin Popup on Your Website or Blog

Links mentioned in video:

Aweber Autoresponder - Absolute essential if you want to succeed online!

GFX-1 Graphics - This is a special link for a high quality optin graphic, but there are many other great graphics on there, I use 'Steve' at GFX-1 for just about everything!

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And The $100 Winner Is…

Posted on February 2, 2011

Hey Guys,

First let me say a huge thanks for all of you that shared your 2010 highlights with me.
I really enjoyed reading and replying to the comments, and mostly getting to know you a little more!
I thought I would create a little personal video of me doing the draw for the winner, I thought it would be more exciting :-)

You'll have to watch the video to find out if you were the winner, don't worry, it's only 3 minutes long!

And The $100 Winner Is...

Please feel free to reply and I'll personally get back to you.
Thanks again, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, I have just sent you an email :-)



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Highlights of 2010 and $100 Gift for YOU!

Posted on December 24, 2010

Hey guys,

So 2010 is nearly over, phew! What a year it has been!
I'm going to run through a few of the highlights of the year for me personally and let you know what I have been up to, just in case you missed something.

Highlights of 2010Take a look at my personal highlights, and as kind of a 'thank you' for being a loyal subscriber of mine, and as it's Christmas, I'm going to give $100 to one lucky person chosen at random from all the people who reply to this post with YOUR personal number 1 highlight of the year!

So just hit reply and let me know your number 1 marketing highlight of 2010 and you're instantly in the draw for $100 cash.

OK, so here are my personal highlights of 2010:

January 2010 - After the MASSIVE success of our Multi Profit Websites launch late 2009 my good friend John Thornhill launched his VERY successful Masterclass Coaching Program where he took a handful of students and showed them exactly how to succeed online, step by step. The feedback I received from my referrals to this was awesome, so I know for a fact that it was an amazing success. Incidentally, he has a few spots open at the moment if you're interested.

Then myself and John opened up to the public our Multi Profit Monthly, at first this was a monthly program we offered to Multi Profit Websites customers only, but it was such a great success, that we decided to let everyone in on it. In Multi Profit Monthly each month we reveal what is currently working for us online and provide a ton of content each month to help people succeed. We really enjoy creating the content for this every month, if you're  a member then you will probably notice this.

February 2010 - My good friend Omar Martin, along with Mike Filsaime and J.I. Starr launched an excellent media product called VoxFlair, it basically provided people with a means to give their media that professional audio touch, we all know how important media it these days, so I thought that was really great.

Also that month I did something for the first time in my marketing career... I teamed up with John Thorhnill to promote an excellent coaching program by Jit Uppal and Adam Spiel called My IM Mentor, me and John wanted to give our subscribers the best possible deal they could get, so we teamed up and created a truly awesome bonus package to complement this.

March 2010 - The first thing that stood out for me in March was John Thornhill's 72 Hours of Madness sale, it really was an AWESOME package that he put together for people, so as with any great product I compiled another great bonus, I basically offered to create a complete product for anybody who purchased through my link, I also gave resell, and giveaway rights with the product that I created, you can take a look at what I gave people here - No Hype Marketing.

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Create a Brandable PDF for Viral Affiliate Income

Posted on December 2, 2010

Hi guys,

Firstly, let me apologize for my lack of posts recently. I've been concentrating on my Coaching and the launch of Free Monthly Websites 2.0, and to be honest, I just did not have enough hours in my day :-)

Anyway, I'm going to try to make it up to you with some great posts that I have planned over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for my emails!

Today, I want to explain about creating a Brandable PDF, I'm even going to show you exactly how to do it in video:

Create a Brandable PDF

So what is a brandable PDF? Well, it's basically a way for you to allow readers to re-brand certain links within a PDF with their own links. For example, you could let readers brand the document with their affiliate links, giving them a great incentive to share/sell the document and providing additional traffic to your website at the same time.

It's win, win really, your reader gets an affiliate commission for any sales made from their affiliate links branded in the document, and you get the traffic to your website.

Creating the brandable PDF makes it VERY simple for anyone to brand multiple links within a document in just a few seconds, even if there are hundreds of links that require branding.
That's the beauty of this method over editing a regular Private Label document, the links are already added and are usually directing to an excellent resource. So in just a few seconds you could have your very own document with hundreds of affiliate links inside.

It's really easy to create your brandable PDF document if you use an excellent piece of software called Viral PDF, I would highly recommend the 'Personal Edition' as it is a lot simpler to create your brandable PDF's and also a lot simpler for readers to re-brand the PDF's too. There's a free 30 day trial on the website if you want to try it, however, if you want to buy it then it's $47 through clickbank, so you know you will have no problems if you change your mind.

All you need to do is to open up your PDF document with Viral PDF and it will automatically find all the URL's within it and ask you which ones you would like to make brandable. You don't need to do anything special to your PDF document at all, as long as you use the 'Personal Edition', it does everything for you.

The video shows you exactly how to create a brandable PDF, go watch the video and start making your own brandable PDF's and hopefully you will start to generate a Viral Affiliate Income.

As usual, please let me know what you think, if you prefer, you can make use of the social sharing options below and above. :)
I hope this helps you.

Speak soon,


P.S. If you want to see what a few brandable reports look like then you can enter your details on the right sidebar of the blog and get 4 for free! :-)

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[Free Report] Online Marketing – The ‘REAL’ Truth

Posted on May 13, 2010

Hey guys,

I want to personally thank all of you that took part in my survey, some of the the results were real 'eye openers' to say the least!The_Real_Truth

I wanted to do a little more with the results than simply announce them, so I went ahead and wrote a report titled:
'Online Marketing – The ‘REAL’ Truth'

Inside the report I have voiced my opinions on a few things, not only the results, but also what I REALLY think about some online marketers!

I also announce my latest creation in there, which has been a long time coming!

I would also love to hear your views on that too.

Please take a read of the report and feel free to hit me with your comments.

You can download the report directly from HERE.

I have also included some images and a web page that you can also use if you wish to give it away.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the report.

Oh, don't forget to hit the 'retweet' button at the top of the post too :-)



P.S. If you would like to know more about my coaching then go HERE on  or after May 20th at 1pm EST and all will be revealed!

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Building ‘YOUR’ Future Success!

Posted on May 4, 2010

Hey guys,

Sooooooo sorry for my lack of blog posts lately, you see, I have been working on some BIG stuff that really is going to help a lot of people.

I need a little input from you guys, if you can find just 1 minute to complete the very short survey I have put together I would very much appreciate it.
The survey will help ME to help YOU to build YOUR future success!

>> The Survey Results Are In,
Click Here to View <<

As usual, please comment below on your thoughts of the survey.
Please also add any additional comments on how you think that I can best help YOU to build a better future for yourself.

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