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Why Is It So Hard To Make A Living Online?

Why Is It So Hard To Make A Living Online?

It should be easy, right?

After all, there are 7.6 billion people in the world, and, according to internet, as of December 2017, 54.4% of the world’s population has access to the internet. This means that it’s within the realms of possibility that around 4 billion people can get on the net and buy something every day.

And the numbers get even better. The site,, has the latest data from 2018 that shows that close to $2 trillion will go through the net this year. The time spent by a user on the internet is 6 hours a day, yet another positive that anyone wanting to make money online loves to hear.

However, despite all of these favourable statistics, it is very difficult to scratch a living out of your internet connection.

One reason it is difficult is that there is an enormous amount of competition out in the ether, 1,630,332,579 according to, that’s roughly one website for every three and a half people on the planet!

With so many websites potential customers have a huge range of choice. And then we have the huge, well established, dominant websites like Facebook and Amazon who attract enormous numbers of eyeballs, every second of every day.

However, it’s not all bad news. Of those 1.63 billion websites, only 15% of them are active with the rest being made up of mainly parked domains. Of that 15% of active websites, a large portion of them are sitting on the net looking like a shop that’s been shuttered up, it’s there but no one is inside doing any updates.

So, there is possibly less than 100,000,000 websites that are actually open for business. Admittedly that’s still a lot, and provides you with a lot of competition, no matter what field you decide to go in.

And it almost seems that with every one of those 100,000,000 websites comes the latest thing that will make you an instant millionaire two days ago if you just follow their system, for a small fee of course.

It is through these seemingly insurmountable obstacles that you are trying to navigate a pathway to that internet lifestyle that you’ve heard about and dream about.

So what happens?

We chase every new get rich quick scheme that lands in our inbox with promises of vast riches, we scoop the next one up like the weekly Lotto tickets wishing that this time our number will come in. I know what I’m talking about here because I’ve been there, done that.

And it is the completely wrong thing to do!

Here’s one tip that will save you a whole lot of time and money – find one way to make money and stick with it, and perfect it, and spend all your energy on it, until it starts making you money. Then, and only then, should you look at developing something else.

Okay, problems solved, now you’ve got the secret sauce, so everything’s going to be tickety-boo. If only it was that easy, but noooo.

The idea is simple and correct, but it is putting it into action that is so damned difficult. You have to figuratively pound the pavements before you can choose your road to riches.

I will take a little shortcut here and assume that you have decided that the way you want to make your web fortune is through affiliate marketing. So now you have to decide on which affiliate commission programme you want to join.

Sites like Clickbank, JVzoo, WarriorPlus, Amazon, Commission Junction and a host of other sites offer affiliate programmes so the first step is to choose one of these.

Next, you have to decide what product you are going to promote. This means that it is crucial that you research the product, what are its payouts, how popular it is, is it up to date, is there a market for it, are there any unbiased reviews on it, and so on.

Once you have settled on a product you then have to decide how you are going to make your money.

Will you set up your own site, collect emails and then send people to the affiliate site, will you buy ownership rights to the product and sell it yourself on your site, how about just creating ads and sending the clicks straight to the affiliate site, or maybe you could set up a review site and recommend the product to others (if you do this make sure your review is honest!), or maybe you could set up an online shop with the product and related offers on the same site.

That’s a lot to decide on but still easier than the last cog in your financial wheel.

In real estate, there are three things to look for in a property, location, location, location.

Online the three most important things to making money are traffic, traffic, traffic.

There is no getting away from this. Without traffic, nothing moves so you want as much traffic as you can get. And not just any traffic, but qualified traffic, traffic that is packed full of customers who are looking to buy what you are selling.

And traffic is the area that nearly all wannabe internet lifestylers crash and burn. You need to learn how to attract eyeballs to your deal, you need to learn it quick, and you need to dedicate 90% of your time driving traffic to your deal. There is no escaping this fact.

Although I’ve highlighted some stats that show the competition that you’re up against, at the end of the day all of that is irrelevant if you can drive traffic.

The process outlined here is not for the fainthearted, you need to be dedicated and single-minded in pursuing your internet dream.

However, there are ways to shorten your journey.

What if you could use a system that uses the Amazon affiliate programme to create an income by setting up online stores that promote a whole range of Amazon products?

What if setting up your online store is simply a matter of pushing a few buttons? Or if you want to do it faster you can get an expert to do all the heavy lifting for you. In a very short time you could have 1, 2, 25 or 50 online stores promoting Amazon products in a week.

Then you can get into the most important part of the process, DRIVING TRAFFIC.

Earlier in the article, I talked about how you need to learn the different ways to drive traffic. What if you can get help to learn all the latest marketing strategies to drive traffic to your online store? What if, in addition to done for you inline stores that are ready to rock n roll, you also have access to a comprehensive series of training videos to help you master the different marketing techniques online, both paid and unpaid?

What if you want to get your online business up and running and earning an income in days, not weeks or months?

That’s a lot of ‘What ifs?’ but the great news is that it is possible.

Go here now and see all of your ‘What if?’ questions answered (and more).

All the best in pursuing your online dreams.

P. S. If you are struggling to get your internet dreams realized, go here now and get the dream start you’ve always wanted.

This is a guest post written by Brice Taplin. If you would like to be considered for a guest post contact me.

How to Make Money Using Amazon

Making money online can be a bit confusing, that is why we love making money with Amazon. You see, this online store giant offers a free affiliate program that you can join and cash in on commissions from almost all of their products.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?
This is where you earn a commission from a company by promoting a personalized link that they give you. Amazon’s is free to join and is better than most in my opinion. You see with other companies, in most cases, you are promoting one item. If they buy great, if not, your customer is cookied and if they come back within a predetermined period of time you can still make money on that one item.

Amazon, on the other hand, pays you whether they purchase the initial item or a completely different product,
For example, if someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something, whether it is a new bike or a pot holder you earn a percentage of the commissions. The cool part is that they do not have to buy the initial product that they clicked on. So if they click to buy a shower cap and then end up buying a toaster from Amazon instead, you still earn a commission. Pretty cool right?

So What is The Best Way to Get Paid? The Amazon Affiliate Store!

Check it out for yourself here:

Most people direct link to a product. This is fine. You can earn commissions that way. The better way though is to build Amazon Affiliate stores that have been researched and target a specific niche. This way you have a chance to entice them to click on many of your links, giving you a better chance of earning that commission.

So How Do You Create These Amazon Stores?

1) You have two options. You can build them out yourself if you are technically inclined and know how to use wordpress. There are several plugins and templates available on the market. Many are good but you have to be careful because some are glitchy or do not conform to Amazon’s guidelines. Be very careful which one you choose because if you are not following the rules, Amazon can delete your affiliate account without notice.

2) You can simply buy pre-built stores for you. No fuss. No muss. You can actually be up and running in less than 5 minutes. These stores are pre-researched for you, built for you – according to Amazon’s guidelines, and delivered to you in minutes.  All you have to do is input your affiliate link and start promoting your store.

I have used both of these methods and I prefer the second one. I like knowing that my stores are up and running fast so I can promote them and start making money immediately, instead of taking hours to research and build them. There is a company that can even do this for you and have your store ready in minutes for less than $10 per store. How great is that?

Check it out for yourself here:

This is a guest post written by Caterina Christakos. If you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

Scams and Limited Markets

Scams and Limited Markets – Guest Post – Robin Joyce

What is a scam?
-a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people;
-a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit.
It is a scam if NOBODY makes any money from it (except the fraudster).

What is NOT a scam?
If you do not profit, but other users do, it is not a scam.
You need to have provided the time and skill required to make any product work.

Read reviews before buying
I have saved a lot of money and time by Google searching
‘review + product name’ or ‘review + product creator name’.

You need to read the first 3 pages of results to find independent reviews,
as many are written by affiliates, using text supplied by the creator (and not objective).

Reviews are useful to understand the product:
is it what you need and are you capable of operating it?

Better reviews will explain the upsells (oto) and the value they add.

If you have booked a webinar, check the reviews so that you will know the
product and price.

For you, no purchase means no loss to a scam.

Criteria of a scam. applies the following
6 criteria in reviewing products:
1. Are they providing so many false promises, or not?

2. Real Users’ Experience Rating.

3. Is there any Honest Money Back Guarantee or not?

4. If they have any Scam Approach or not?

5. Our Expert Team rating after using.

6. If there are so many OTOs, UpSells, DownSells ?

1. Are they providing so many false promises, or not?

This is not easy for the buyer to know, unless the promises are too incredible.
Key promises are that ‘a newbie can do this’, ‘you do not need a site, list..’
can secure a sale and have to be true.

One of the key failings of products is their inability to generate traffic without
depending on spamming.

As most newbies lack a list, traffic has to be resolved for the product
to be of any value.

For most products, I will need support.

Often, I send a question to the seller during the launch period.
I am amazed that many questions either are never (!) answered,
or take 3-4 days to receive a reply.
From this, I can judge that support will be substandard.

2. Real Users’ Experience

For a new product, only insiders (including beta testers) will have had a chance to evaluate it.

You need to wait until late in the launch period, with the hope that independent reviews will be published.

If none is found, you have a choice:
buy it with the discount and bonuses,
or buy later when reviews are available.

You might find reviews of the product creator. If the creator has an excellent reputation for value, this is probably going to be a quality product.
If the reputation is negative…..

3. Is there any Honest Money Back Guarantee or not?

This seems straight forward, as you see one at the foot of each sales page.
However, some vendors do not pay out, or use delaying tactics.
My sites were with a reputable host, which abruptly terminated hosting in the
middle of the year. (I am now happily hosted by D9.)

A refund for the refusal to continue hosting? No.

If you pay by credit card, in some countries, you can reclaim from the
card company.
Otherwise, you need to check the rules of the market: JVZoo, Warrior+Plus, etc
and Paypal for resolution.

4. If they have any Scam Approach or not?

Webinars provide opportunities to avoid searching questions, as well as creating
the greed atmosphere with luxury cars, houses, pools, sun tans
(I do not mean to boast = I do mean to boast).

Webinars give you little written information to review afterwards.

In contrast, you can check a sales page and email the vendor.
Which affiliates are promoting it?
If Partnership to Success folks are involved, I am happy.
If not, I am wary.
Checking testimonials is useful (even if it is often boring) to understand
the challenges and how the product (and buyers have met them). If the
testimonials lack product detail, you may need more assurance about the product.

5. Our Expert Team rating after using.

You may have to wait for this until after the launch period, but some independent reviewers move quickly.

6. If there are so many OTOs, UpSells, DownSells?

OTOs, UpSells, DownSells are components of a sales funnel, which is needed to grow a profitable business.
Once the buyer has bought the initial $9.95 product, other more-expensive products are offered.

The issue here is whether, or not, the initial product can fully function
without buying other products.

In an honest sales funnel, the additional products will make the initial product work better, faster or provide additional sales, but the initial product should not need other products to operate as promised.

If this is not the case, the buyer might have to spend $50 or more to buy the combination of products to function.

A lesser issue, but sharp practice, is to offer an upsell at $49; then, if it is refused, the same product combination is offered at $29.

This is cheating any buyer who paid $49. An honest downsell is to reduce the $49 package, by a bonus or two, to offer it at $29.

Reviews often identify this cheating and save you money.

Limited Markets
These are not scams, but offer buyers less than they might expect.

Arbitrage (risk-free profit):
This is buying in one market and selling in another market at the same time.

Apart from having to buy as well as sell (twice the work), a risk-free profit appeals to most of us.

I teach arbitrage and it always disappears quickly.
You have to be fast in and leave before the rest arrive.

There is no mass market for arbitrage.

Also, the software designer/seller has a head start on you for the same business.
We have chosen making money online as it has millions of potential buyers.
The buyers are far less in the following examples:

Domain Names
A number of professional firms operate in this market. Between them, most of the arbitrage opportunities have been recognized and eliminated.

Why do you think that you will repeatedly find what they cannot?

The only people interested in are me, those who share my name
(and want a website with our name) and speculators who want to hold us to ransom. Nobody else!

Today, we can use another suffix (mine is .site) to avoid dealing with the speculators.

Also, the speculator has to buy, or control, the domain name. This is an investment in inventory.

Done for You System for Physical Goods- Arbitrage from Selling Books

A new service received a large amount of coverage about 6-9 months ago.

It is a done-for-you system of buying books cheaply from US book stores and selling them to Ebay/Amazon in the US.
You rent the software, anywhere in the world.

It will identify where you can buy low and sell high (arbitrage), you make the buy/sell transaction and they will transport the books for you.

Risk-free profits! Nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?
I left this great opportunity alone, possibly missing out on earning a fortune.

My reasoning:
The software designer/seller has a head start on you for the same business (books).

Everybody was focused on the same books sector
– market saturation
– too many people eating from one plate.

Even if everything is done for you, the risk is yours.

You are dealing with only two buyers:
Ebay and Amazon, who control (and can change) the price.

Complaints reported:

1. Profit margins falling to almost nothing (standard in arbitrage opportunities).

2. Postal delays, books arrive late, and Amazon has cut the price.

3. Long time to find opportunities.

I would add:

if anything went wrong, I am 8-10 time zones away, possibly asleep, and have
few US contacts who can help in such operations.

Finally, from the complainant:
‘I will be requesting a refund but they had some funky 365 day refund policy implying they weren’t going to refund anyone until they had tried the system for 365 days.’

I suggest that you fully understand how such novel systems work before investing
and know who is responsible for what.

Done-for-you does not guarantee that it is risk-free and trouble-free.

If you see Arbitrage and/or Risk-Free Profits in a promotion, be skeptical,
very skeptical!

Review and understand products before you buy them.
You will be glad that you did.

Profitable business as it should be done
Buy from the top IM people. They have earned their reputations from providing value
to thousands of satisfied customers. Following their methods brings you success.
The place to start is on this website. Check the wonderful products NOW!

Also, there is an excellent complementary product, which is the complete works of
a leading UK internet marketer with a global reputation:
Michael Cheney ‘s 7-Figure Franchise is the best compilation of his work and the only external course material John endorses on his excellent Partnership To Success program (on which I am privileged to be a student).
It will make you serious money.
Check it out here: 7-Figure Franchise
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Robin Joyce

This is a Guest Post written by Robin Joyce.

My Recipe for Internet Marketing Success

What happens when you blend quiet desperation, an entrepreneurial spirit and a few bitter surprises?

You might just end up with a winning formula for sweet online success…

Four years ago, I was spending 40+ hours every week in a soul-sucking, mind-numbing, life-wasting job. I would sit in my dingy little office that wasn’t even really an office; in my half-broken chair; doing a bunch of mindless, boring work in exchange for an insultingly tiny so-called salary. I was constantly struggling to pay the bills and keep food in the house. There was never enough money left to do or have anything special – ever!

Every day, in spite of the distress I felt, I reminded myself of my life-long dream of owning my own business. I had many failed offline attempts behind me, I suppose just to keep me feeling trapped in that dead-end pit of despair… but, still I dreamed every minute of my work days about getting out of there and being my own boss. I wanted to use my love of food and my knowledge of health and nutrition to help people to improve their lives while bringing in a reasonable income for my efforts.

And, then life intervened to change everything…

First, my eye-sight which had always been very limited, began to further deteriorate. This led to a surgery that was supposed to improve my vision, but which actually resulted in near-total blindness.

Then, as you may be predicting, my full-time job of more than 11 years was snatched away from me in the blink of an eye. Oh sure, lots of politically correct excuses were thrown around having to do with corporate restructuring and similar nonsense. But, obviously, it was because of my blindness and the refusal of the company to even try to provide reasonable accommodation for me so that I could continue to do my work. You may be thinking how terrible this must have been for me and my family… But, it has turned into one of the biggest blessings of my life…

Once I recovered from the shock of losing my vision and my income, I adjusted to the stress and uncertainty that comes with being unemployed, I began to pick up the pieces and search for ways to survive the personal and financial disaster. It was in this apparent crisis that I found several opportunities for generating income online and was delighted to discover that I could share my passion for natural health and great food and make money at the same time.

A few months after my job ended, I bought a course called Inbox Blueprint (Thank You Anik Singal!) – followed by many other IM products, and thus began my immersion into the world of internet marketing. I was the very definition of newbie and made a ton of mistakes to prove it…

Fast forward a couple of years – and believe it or not, I’m actually making this online marketing thing work for me. It has been anything but easy – there definitely is not a button out there that you can push to start filling buckets with money as it falls from internet heaven (believe me, I looked)… But, I am slowly, steadily, sometimes painfully, and with much help from some very talented sighted people, actually making it happen – and if I can do it, anyone can do it.

The beautiful part is that now I get to write about food and healthy living every day and never ever have to call someone else “boss” again. You can see the fruits of my labor of love at:

This is a Guest Post written by Karen Mcray.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How Does It Work and How Do You Make Money With It From Home?

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How Does It Work and How Do You Make Money With It From Home?
There are many ways of making money online, but affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways there is.

So what exactly is affiliate marketing and why is it such a simple, yet effective, way for absolute beginners to make money online without having to spend too much in either time or money, and, without having to have any previous experience or expertise?

Here’s how Wikipedia defines affiliate marketing:
“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.”

Here’s how I like to explain it:
I want you to picture yourself at a gathering in a venue to which lots of folk have been invited, the vast majority of whom you have never met before.
You’re having a great time, meeting and chatting to lots of really interesting people. One women in particular (Jane) tells you that she runs a very successful business selling a brilliant product that helps people with a very specific problem (X). She even explains what makes her product so unique and how it has been proven to turn thousands of people’s lives around.

Now, later on, you are introduced to a guy (John) who, during your conversation, tells you he is very anxious to find a solution to his problem, which happens to be (X) too. He’s tried lots of stuff without success and is now absolutely desperate. But, wait a minute, how lucky is he? Didn’t you talk to somebody earlier who probably has the solution he’s looking for?

So you go on to explain how you had met this women who has this brilliant product that has been proven to help people just like him. You even explain the benefits as she described them to you.
You can see that John is getting excited and, being the helpful person you are, you seek out Jane and introduce John to her. After the introductions are over you excuse yourself and leave them chatting as you continue circulating and enjoying the evening.

Near the end of the evening, Jane comes over to tell you that John is coming into her store tomorrow to have a look at the product and, if he buys, she’s going to send you a 30% commission; so could you give her your address please? And even though you protest that “…there’s really no need, I was glad to help you both…” she’s very insistent, so you give in and give here your details.
Anyway, about a week later, having completely forgotten about the whole episode of course, you are pleasantly surprised to receive a thank you note and check through the post for $90. Jane had followed through on her promise!

Did you see what happened there? How easy was that?
Think about it; all you did was meet a “potential buyer” at a “venue” where you got them excited about a solution to their problem, introduced them to the “vendor” who closed the sale at their “premises” and paid you a commission for the referral.

Nice illustration, I hope you agree, but how does this translate into making money with affiliate marketing from the comfort of your own HOME?
Well, think of it this way…

The “venue” is your website where you’ll promote the benefits of the vendor’s product(s). “Potential buyers” are people with a common interest or problem who you attract to your website. “Vendor’s premises” is the vendor’s website where the actual sale transaction will take place.

That’s really all there is to affiliate marketing:
1. Identify a section of the general population that has a common, but pressing, problem or need (a niche market), e.g. acne, foreclosure.

2. Find a product (physical or digital) that has been proven to solve that problem or meet that need, and already sells well in that particular niche.

3. Sign-up for free as an affiliate for the product through an online affiliate network which brings together product vendors and affiliates.

4. Promote the product on your website which will contain sought-after information about the niche and the product.

5. Attract tons of targeted (i.e. niche) visitors to your website.

6. Get them to click on your unique affiliate link that takes them to the vendor’s website where they can buy the product.

7. Get a commission automatically paid into your bank or PayPal account whenever someone you referred buys the product.

And none of these things is difficult to do: you don’t have to be “techie” or have any specialist knowledge or experience. In fact, once set up properly, nearly everything works on autopilot, so you can make money even as you sleep!

But, you may ask, why would a product vendor pay me a commission for promoting their stuff? Doesn’t that reduce their profits?
Well, yes and no!

Certainly, their profit on the items that are sold off the back of your website would be less than if they sold them themselves. But that’s the point: if you hadn’t put those buyers their way they wouldn’t have made those sales in the first place.

In fact, every sale they make via an affiliate like you is additional income they otherwise wouldn’t have had, plus, they didn’t have to do any marketing for it at all. You took care of that.
And every sale they make from prospects you send to their website means an automatic commission to you. So it’s a win-win situation!
And I say again, it’s not difficult to do; you just have to know the right way to go about it.

So, if you’re just starting out or you’re an affiliate marketer that is struggling, please click here: where you’ll get FREE step-by-step training on how to start making money online in as little as 48 hours.

This is a Guest Post written by John Salter.

12 Tips To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Finally. Your blog article is finished and you’ve placed on your website. But how do you get more visitors and comments on your blog? In this article, you will find 12 tips to get more out of your blog.

1. Check the title of your post: Is it a catchy title that curiosity and invites the reader to read? Titles in the form of a question often do well. Especially when it is combined with the promise of a solution. For example, “Enough of [the problem]? 10 tips to achieve [the solution]. Also be “video” and “Checklist” often provide more clicks.

2. Check the title of your post again: Is there a common search term? Find your topic in the keyword tool from Google, choose appropriate keywords with high search volume and use that word in your title. And in the first paragraph and the “meta-text.”

3. Provide an inviting and representative “meta-text”: This is the text that the search engines for search results. With a well-written meta-text, you can still get ahead of your competitors who do not bother to do this in Google. How to tackle this you can read in this article: “Get you there neatly into Google’s search results?”.

4. Help the hasty reader: Readers on the web scan the text. So make between headings, lists and make the essential words bold. And ends with a clear call to action. What is a logical next step after reading the article?

5. Bring your followers by mail about: Of course, you have a full mailing list with loyal readers who are waiting for your article see before you “send” click a moment the subject of your email. You can of course just use the title of your article, but you do have to be processed in any keyword. Can you change something in the subject line in order to increase the likelihood that the email will open faster?

6. Write a tweet: Usually I use the meta-text of my blog article as a basis and make a short version. A tweet contains fewer characters, there is still a link to the article and perhaps a hashtag.

7. Write a LinkedIn update: Here I usually use the meta-text of the article, including the link to the article on my website.

8. Be a Facebook update: On Facebook, you have the most room to draw attention to your blog article. Still, it usually gives the best results if you remain concise and link sets in the first (visible) paragraph. Always ask for a response and a “find-me-like ‘. Oh yeah, Google+ still take a while? So you yet again earn some extra points for your “PageRank” in Google.

9. Put the title and link in the signature of your email: How many emails you send a week? Quite a lot, I guess so. A good opportunity for that classroom activities can also be used to draw attention to your valuable article, right?

10. Ask if you can have another guest blog writer: You certainly know entrepreneurs who have the same target market as you, but not competitive. Discuss with them once the opportunity to occasionally write an article on each blog and ask them to link to you regularly in their own articles.

11. Post comments on blog posts and social media updates from others on websites of other operators (groups): Facebook pages and groups on LinkedIn and Facebook with lots of activity. Please note that you will remain relevant and valuable.

12. Find people who need your help: Look for the topic of your blog post to Twitter and LinkedIn groups. Maybe your blog article is the answer to a burning question asked there. Genuine assistance is one of the best ways to get more followers…

For more information on Affiliate Marketing and building a Real online business, Go here =>

This is a Guest Post written by Ravi Kiran.

Is Your Online Business Like a 3D Puzzle?

Most people decide to start an online business the wrong way. They start with a product or an idea, slap up a website and sit back to wait for the hordes of traffic to come in.

They shortsightedly see their business in a one dimensional way and so the business flops.

A successful business is like a 3D puzzle that has all of the pieces put in place from every angle.

Level One: Research

There are several questions you must ask before building your business:

1. What niche are you going into?
2. Is there pain in that niche? Are people desperate for a solution and willing to pull out their wallets.
3. Who exactly is your target audience?
a) Male, Female or Both
b) Age group
c) Income Level
d) Education Level
e) Where do they hang out online
4. What are their main concerns? This can be determined by surveying them and getting the answers straight from them.
5. What products are already on the market to help them?
6. Can you create a better product that is better than what is out there or will you market someone else’s products with a great reputation?
7. How much competition is there in the market?

Level Two: Building the Foundation

1. Create a siloed site around the questions and keywords they use
2. Create a product that solves their problems or get permission to market someone else’s products.
3. Create a sales funnel, including sales letters, upsells and downsells
4. Create an autoresponder with follow up messages and a free report for list building
5. Create you social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc….
6. Link your social media accounts to your website
7. Create an IFTT account or syndwire account to syndicate content.
8. Join Forums, groups that these people congregate in and build a relationship before you market to them
9. Form JV alliances, if you are marketing your own product

Level Three: Launch and Market

1. Create Marketing materials for your affiliates and any JV partners
2. Announce your launch, if your own product, on sites like Muncheye
3. Launch
4. Promote on Facebook Twitter, Linked in, Youtube, Forums, etc..
5. Create PPC and Retargeting Campaigns
6. Continue to interact with your target audience, continue building relationships, along with selling your product
That is the basic framework of your 3 Dimensional Business Model. Go through these steps and you will be 90 percent ahead of your competition.

*Want a completely done for you business, where all you have to do is market? Go to:*

This is a guest post written by Caterina Christakos.

5 Ways You Can Reuse Your Content For Profit

We have all heard it…Content Is King! But I have seen so many people struggle to keep up with fresh valuable content. Are you on the same boat?

Today I want to share my content strategy with you. It’s all about working smart, NOT hard.

Ok, so here’s the thing…who says you have to keep coming up with fresh content to get new traffic. As long as you are creating valuable content the first time, then you can reuse your content multiple times to reach traffic from multiple sources. Sounds simple enough, right?

Let me introduce you to my content circle. The content circle is made up of:

  • Forum Posts
  • Blog Post
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Video
  • Facebook Ads

You can start from any point of the circle, hence the circle, and you will see the same great results. But for the interest of this article, let’s start with forum posts.

Forum Posts

This is a perfect place to start if you don’t know what to write about. Head over to sites like Quora or Reddit and find questions to answer within your niche. Answer the question that is being asked and provide as much value as you can. This will help you later when you reuse the content plus it builds your credibility.

Here is a trick I use to drive traffic from these forums. At the end of my answer, I insert something like this:

“Did my answer help? You can let me know on my blog or reach out to me through Facebook. And let me know if this was helpful.”

I tailor it to fit the answer so it’s not the same every time but you get the idea. This helps me drive traffic to my blog and helps me connect with people on Facebook. You will be surprised to how many people have reached out to me from adding this part at the end of my answers.

Blog Posts

Ok, now that I have a well written full of value content in a form of a forum post, I simply modify it a bit to make it a blog post. For example, I take out the part about visiting my blog because people are already on my blog.

Just some very simple minor edits that takes me about 5 mins to do. Then, they get scheduled to my blog as a post.

Here is an example of the question I answered and the blog post that came out of it:

Quora Question Link

Blog Post Link

On this blog post, I simply told my readers that this was a forum post and pasted my answer. I just added an intro and an ending to the article.

This was me being lazy but you see that it doesn’t take that much work.

Facebook Live

You already have the content, you know that people are asking the question. Why not share the answer with your Facebook Friends that might have the same question?

As long has you know the content, Facebook Live is very easy to do. It really is as simple as pressing a button and talking about your topic.

I know I said that it is super simple but for some of you, it might not be. You might be camera shy or just not feel comfortable with talking to people. That’s ok…here are some tricks to help you overcome those fears.

  • Create a Script: Done! You already have your forum post; that is your script.
  • Practice: Practice saying your script in front of the mirror. You have already used this content twice so you already know it. You just need to talk to it. Practice it a couple of times and you will be great at it.
  • Practice Again: If you feel like you are ready after practising in front of a mirror, then go for it. If you still feel nervous, then practice on Facebook. When you click on Go Live on Facebook, you have the option of selecting who you go live to. Click on the Public drop-down menu and select ‘Only Me’. Then go for it because only you will be able to see it. After you are done, you don’t have to post it on your timeline. Once you start nailing it, then go live to the public.

YouTube Video

After you finish your Facebook Live, then you have the option of downloading your video before you post it on your timeline. Download the video!

Now you have a video to post on your YouTube channel. Wait…did we just upload a video to YouTube that is packed with valuable content in like less than 5 mins? Oh yes we did!

If you are not so happy about the Facebook Live video, then no problem. You already have the script ready, just create another video using the script without the pressure of being live.

And just like that, another free traffic source added to your funnel.

Facebook Ads

Have you ever browsed around on Amazon…then you logged off to go to Facebook and BOOM you just found an ad for the same thing you were looking at on Amazon.

What just happened?

You my friend, have just been targeted. Don’t worry though, it’s not the end of the world. The best part is that it is very easy for you to do that with your blog too. You don’t have to be big like Amazon.

So, how do you do it?

Facebook has an ads manger, where you can log in and handle all your ads that you run through them. In the ads manager, you can get a pixel to put on your blog or any other site you have. A pixel is just a fancy word for a short code that will track who visits your site.

So say you installed the pixel on your blog. Someone from your forum post visits your blog and then leaves. Chances are they are never going to come back again but you have the pixel installed. So you go into our Facebook ads manager and run a campaign that retargets everyone that has visited your site.

This is very targeted traffic and it allows you the opportunity to build trust with them. What could be better?

Oh yes, there is one thing. You already have content from your blog, your Facebook Live and your YouTube Video that you can use for your Facebook Ad. Yes, that is definitely better…no extra work creating the content and ton of targeted traffic.

There you have it, one jam packed with value content used 5 different ways to get you traffic from different sources. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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This post was written by Shreya Banerjee. She believes in making fairy dust through hard work because there is no magic wand for Internet Marketing. Want to know how? Connect with her on her blog and Facebook.

Optimize Your Presence on Facebook


According to recent studies, 47 percent of Facebook users say that Facebook has the greatest impact on the purchase behavior. That is compared to just about 34 percent in 2015. Now interestingly enough, Twitter actually ranks about 5% and lower. So, what does that mean? That means that, if you really want to drive person’s behavior within all the social networks, you have to use Facebook and you have to have a Facebook presence.

Now, what’s amazing is that Facebook has a large opportunity in communicating with consumers in a non-intrusive way. So, in other words if done correctly you can make sales
without having to directly sell. Right! Hence, if your business doesn’t have a Facebook presence that is optimized the right way, you actually missing out on a lot of potential leads, sales and relationships.

If you’re a local business owner thinking, well there’s no way in the world that this impacts me. Then let me show you some stats. Surprising stats from recent local search studies show people that use Facebook actually use Facebook for local business searches to find out what people are really saying about your business. In fact, Facebook is only outranked by Google Maps and that means if your business isn’t on Facebook, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re missing out on attracting prospective customers and building brand recognition.

So, as you can see, whether you’re a local business owner or online business owner that sells a product or service, it doesn’t matter. You need to have an optimized Facebook presence or
else you’re leaving money on the table. Now Facebook is not just for teenagers or college students alone. In fact, just in the USA market alone, 55 percent of Americans about ages 45 to 54 have a profile on the social networking site.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Up to Date 2016 Facebook Stats: –

– Users to date – 1.65billion on a monthly basis
– Facebook Daily Users – 109 billion daily users
– Monthly percentage of Facebook users – 66.1 %
– Which country are Facebook users more active – Canada
– The average number of female friends – 166
– The average number of male friends – 145
– Average time spent per user per day on Facebook – 20 minutes
– Daily users in USA – 167 million
– Adult Women Users USA – 66%
– Adult Male Users USA – 77%
– Europe active users – 233 million
– Europe active users per month – 315 million
– UK daily users – 24 million
– Asia monthly users – 522 million
– Male users – 42%
– Age between 18 to 29 – 34%
– Over 65 years old – 45%
– Bachelors degree – 30%
– India active users – 142 million
– Users in India accessing via mobile phones – 90%
– Chinese male users – 34.9%
– Chinese female users – 65.1%
– Russia users – 6.04%
– Vietnam users – 30 million
– Thailand users – 28 million
– Millionaires users – 57%
– Australia users – 93%
– Japan users – 37.7%
– Facebook users shopping online – 69%
– Video views on Facebook daily – 8 billion

There you have it. Pretty amazing stats on Facebook. Don’t you agree?

Now I know I know that brings you to the big question. How do you optimize
your presence on Facebook the right way? Which is what you want in the end. Which brings you results in terms of conversions, sales, profits and more.

There are 4 key focus areas to address in order to optimize your Facebook presence and to make sure that you succeed: –
1. You need to create a customized action plan
2. You’re going to need to brand your company
3. You need a Facebook Marketing Blueprint plan
4. You need rapid speed content creation so that you don’t have to worry about sitting there for hours and hours and hours creating content.

Let’s address their outlines so that you can see exactly what you’re getting into. Then I’m going to show you exact samples so you know what to expect and more.

Basically before we jump right in, I’m going to give you a quick overview of each area. You’re going to learn how the system works and what you need to get started. Then of course we going to go over the 4 key focus areas.


Action Plan
You need an Action Plan. What is important to learn is how to create an action plan. Before we look at these 4 key focus areas, you want to make sure that you understand your personalized customized action plan before you get started so that you can actually succeed.


This brings us to Key Focus Area 2 which is branding. Getting ready to get your brand onto Facebook. A lot of people make the mistake of just jumping onto Facebook and creating a Facebook fan page and assuming that it’s going to work. If you do not have your brand set up, then that is going to complicate things and make things harder for you in the long run.

Memorable Slogans
You want to make sure that you set yourself up for success. Therefore, on that point, you must create a memorable slogan for your Facebook presence.

You need to learn how to use colors to sell subconsciously so you can actually tap in the subconscious mind and create a specific environment.

Quality Logo
Learn how to create a high quality and low price logo. However, if you do have a logo, you might want to consider upgrading your existing logo. I can show you how to do that as well.

Use of Mascot
You also need to know how to use mascots to brand your company on Facebook.


Facebook Traffic
This brings us to Key Focus Area 3 which is the Facebook traffic section. Do you actually know how to drive traffic to your Facebook fan page and how to do it the correct way? Would you like to learn how to do it? Then keep on reading.

Right Mindset
How do you get into the right mindset to gain free traffic from Facebook? It all comes down to quality over quantity. Quality focused fans over Quantity of fans.

How to find your demographics of your audience and find the framing of their mind so that you can understand how to read some more impact fully.

High Engagement Groups
This brings us to High Engagement Groups. Do you know how to find high engagement groups with a lot of active followers? This is key to learn how to do it in order to be successful on Facebook.

Seek and Find Fans
You will now need to search and find active fans so that you can build up your fan page. Building up your fan page is an important role in terms of sales, profit, products and services that you offer.

How to Find Engaging Fans
How to find engaging fans and how do you really engage with them. There is a right way and a wrong way. Which one are you following right now?

Outsource and Automate
Then of course from that point on you need to know how to outsource and automate this process if you don’t want to do this yourself. If you want to do it yourself that’s fine. You don’t have to automate or else outsource this process.


Key Focus Area 4 is content. Created content is key, because that’s what keeps the community growing. People are interested in your videos, your post and everything like that. That keeps the conversation going, because you don’t want the conversation to stop.

Create Simple Video Intros
That brings us to creating simple video intros. If you want to make sure that you brand yourself every time you put out a new interesting video, you want to make sure that you have a good video intro that brands you and your company. So that when somebody leaves your site, that brand sticks in their minds.

Build Trust
Build trust with educational videos are also very important. In this case we’re going to use edutainment. Basically educational videos that are entertainment as well.

Branding Facebook Post
Let’s now look at branding with Facebook post. I will show you in a specific video a secret method that reveals to you how to create content at a rapid speed pace. So, don’t worry about having to sit there for hours and hours and hours creating content. I will show you how to create lots and lots of content within a few minutes.

You can make money on Facebook if you do it the right way and if you follow your action plan. You have to make sure that you put everything into action in order to succeed.

Well, we’ve created a 20-part video course and the purpose of it is to help you drive free traffic from Facebook and build a community of Facebook fans. Not just any type of fan, but the action taker type fan.

So, now what I want to do is to show you a simple video so you know exactly what to expect in the video course. In this particular video you get to see the overview of the whole course.

Get this Course for Free
Grab access down below. Don’t worry you’re going to be able to watch the videos immediately after you sign up. So act now and begin to optimize your presence on Facebook
the right way



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Making Money Using WikiHow

Many exciting and easy to start business ventures have emerged on the Internet in the past decades and more would emerge in the next few years with greater advancements in technologies. One of the sprouting online business ventures today is wikiHow.

This is an interesting web platform that offers a host of relevant guides on ‘How-to’ in a myriad of tasks and projects which consumers may be interested to know. This impressive online virtual ‘guidebook’ is extensive on its offering with a growing list of items as the days go by.

What wikiHow Offers

The primary objective of this online platform is to provide high quality e-manuals on tasks and projects. It reveals in simple steps how things could be handled, made and developed in easy approaches with the best of materials and skills using sufficient knowledge to guide the explorer.

This useful platform has attracted millions of readers and fans who are constantly seeking for ‘Know-how’ solutions on the various types of tasks at hand. A wide array of task categories is available with well developed online guides to assist users from start to finish with resounding success.

A special web-based community is formed with the flexibility of contributors of relevant guides on any category of task. Every interested individual is welcomed to submit their own guide on their preferred task or project as well as make edits to existing pages to enhance the quality of the guide posted. Edits to posted guides could include adding on pictures or correcting inaccurate instructions as well as correcting typo errors or grammatical mistakes in the article.

The platform boasts of thousands of ‘How-to’ guides from all walks of life across the globe with a high ranking by Google Analytics. It also boasts of being one of the most popular websites with millions of readers every month.

There are certain standards and formats which a wikiHow article or guide must comply with to be posted and viewed.

Money Spinning Opportunity

wikiHow is a special online site that is driven by writers and editors who are primarily volunteers. These individuals collaborate dynamically to generate high quality ‘How-to’ guide articles to benefit those seeking simple and free solutions to their daily needs that would enhance their living.

Contributors could come from any part of the earth with online submissions if they have a plausible solution to a problem or task that needs a simple solution. Contributors who have dynamic solutions in addressing certain problems or difficulties in life or work could submit their helpful information for sharing on this network to benefit others in that predicament.

One of the ways in which a wikiHow writer or editor could generate income from their article contribution is through paid advertising on the article pages. A lot of businesses are willing to pay the contributors for an ad space on their ‘How-to’ guide pages if these contributing writers or editors are notable on their writing skills in developing great guide articles on this platform.

Article contributors may choose their preferred paid ads to be displayed along their articles for a fee if they were offered by interested advertising merchants. Setting changes on these ads could be controlled by the article contributor to allow or disallow the ad to pop up when one logs in.

With the primary objective of wikiHow being the main focal point of article contributors, sharing ‘How-to’ information freely on this platform is essential. However, a personal blog could be developed to promote the wikiHow article with paid advertisements to generate the desired income. This may be an indirect money spinning opportunity which holds true to the basis of wikiHow.

Many online entrepreneurs expand their market reach and visibility for their personal Internet business ventures by participating in wikiHow with excellent ‘How-to’ guides that are posted on this platform for free. However, these enterprising entrepreneurs also have their own web business site where they post high quality related content that is interesting and captivating to drive massive traffic to boost their own online business ventures. Backlinks may be considered on wikiHow guide articles to direct traffic from this platform to the entrepreneur’s web business site for a greater exposure to the business.

wikiHow contributors could also be affiliate marketers who manipulate affiliate marketing to benefit themselves in earning more side income. This simple marketing option allows the affiliate marketer cum wikiHow contributor to enjoy more earnings with a simple integration of both platforms if executed professionally.

Promotional products and services could be readily introduced professionally through article marketing and blogs on behalf of selected merchants. This would open the floodgates to more traffic and sales for higher profits desired by the marketer. Every affiliate product or service could be generated as a ‘How-to’ guide on behalf of the advertising merchant who may offer excellent commissions for every high quality guide article published on wikiHow.

wikiHow contributors who are creative in their literary skills could seek out companies that have a variety of products and services to be promoted to generate appropriate ‘How-to’ guide articles on wikiHow for free but be paid by the company. That same company could also advertise its web business site on that article page if endorsed by the wikiHow contributor. High commissions could be secured for generating a well written wikiHow guide article, especially if the response to the article is encouraging. But more pay could be garnered with the permitted company ad on the guide page itself. Hence, the wikiHow contributor would be basically reaping a double income from the same source when the article is manipulated in different approaches.


A little creativity and initiative is all that is needed for a wikiHow contributor to make big bucks on this philanthropic platform. Such contributors would certainly feel good to share their knowledge and skills freely to assist those who are unable to afford professional assistance, but at the same time, these contributors are able to generate some income for themselves.

Nothing feels better than being able to contribute to society with a side income.

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