Video Training – Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly?

So what do you guys really think about video training?

Let me tell you exactly what I think about it…

It’s no big secret that when you learn from an actual live person you actually understand and ‘soak up’ what is being taught a lot better than if you were just reading the information for example.

The problem is that not everybody is able to get to the live presenter so they can receive this training.

That’s where Video comes into play, you can receive virtually the same training as an actual ‘live’ person, however, you don’t actually have to physically be there!

You can receive the video in many digital and physical formats, no matter where in the world you are!

So you still get the same quality of training, I mean, you can see and hear the information that is being presented and you can actually still get a ‘connection’ to the presenter, as you see their personality in the video.

I’m not going to bore you with statistics, but I’ll just tell you that ‘apparently’ we remember what we see and hear over 90% better than if we were to simply read the information. That’s a pretty big chunk of information!

Imagine if you were reading about something you knew nothing about and you were being taught something which was quite hard to explain. Your eyes would just glaze over and you would have to start reading it over and over. That’s what I do anyway!

Now imagine if you were actually being ‘shown’ how to do it on video, you could just copy the presenter, step by step, and if you fell behind a little just pause it until you caught up. So simple eh!
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