All Work and No Play…Will Slow Your Business Growth!

Yeah, you read that right, all work and no rest can actually slow your business growth!

No matter how hard you seem to work, you just appear to be taking one step forward and two steps back. You either run out of time, ideas or quite simply get bored and your mind begins to wander!

Yet, you keep pushing yourself harder and harder as you see it as the only way out, and you absolutely do NOT want to fail!

Is this all sounding a little familiar?

Well, if it does, you are not alone!

Too many people are missing out on that one vital part of business that helps you succeed with EVERY part of your business and it is something soooo simple, yet often seen as a ‘waste of time’.

Quite simply it is called ‘taking a break’, take some time out from your every day routine to give your body time to re-charge the old batteries, so to speak!

You will find that when you return, you will be totally refreshed, full of creative ideas and quite possibly, have a whole new outlook on your business, that may have not been there when you were ‘stressed out’ and ‘running on empty’ before your break.

Now I’m not saying just drop everything and shoot off to a sunny island somewhere, try to plan your break around your business and take as little work with you as you possibly can. Continue reading All Work and No Play…Will Slow Your Business Growth!