To Twitter … or Not To Twitter!

That is the burning question on so many people’s lips these days, and the answer, quite simply is … Tweet away!

If you still have not yet heard of Twitter, where have you been? Twitter is one of the hottest social networking sites around these days and it is getting bigger by the second.


What makes Twitter better than all the other social networking sites out there, you might ask, well, for one it is the preferred hangout for Internet Marketers. If you are in the business of making money online, like I’m sure you will be, then it makes sense to network with others that are in the same line of business. I’m sure you must know that the more exposure your site or product gets, the better chance you have of succeeding online.

Twitter’s simplicity to navigate and its ease of access also help make this one of my favorites. Creating your account is really simple. You can create your own Twitter account with nothing more than a username and a password, as soon as you have created your account and customized your profile you can begin following other people. To follow what a person is doing, all you need to do is to visit their page and click the follow button.

Try it now, create an account and then follow me here:

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